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Current trends in low-dimensional materials:

September 16-20, 2024, San Luis, Argentina

From molecular systems to heterostructured nanomaterials

Molecular systems, engineered 2D systems, and semiconductor or van der Waals heterostructures are amongst the most gripping and compelling physical systems since they provide controllable building blocks for new materials and devices with many potential technological applications and set the ideal scenario where new physical phenomena, phases, or exotic states of matter manifest themselves. Graphene, amorphous boron-nitride, atomically thin materials, molecular wires, and 2D heterostructures provide support for topological states of matter, molecular nanoelectronics, unconventional superconductors, fractionalized matter, optoelectronics and so on. The workshop aims to bring together skilled theorists and experimentalists studying these striking materials to discuss their electronic, optical, mechanical, and magnetic properties, and the techniques used to characterize them. Among many others, these are:

  • Dirac matter (graphene, TIs, semimetals) and other atomically thin materials (TMDs)
  • Manipulation at the nanoscale: STM+ESR, MCBJ technique in DNAs
  • Non-equilibrium topological insulators (Floquet TIs)
  • Magnetic effects in nanostructures
  • Quantum transport in topological quantum matter
  • Two-dimensional semiconductor & van der Waals heterostructures

The workshop will take place as a satellite event of the 109 Annual Meeting of the Argentinian Physical Society (109 RAFA) and is one of the principal attractions offered from 16th to 20th September. During the week, the Argentinian Physical Society will celebrate its 80th Anniversary. The assistants to the workshop will also participate in selected activities of the Annual Meeting of the Argentinian Physical Society, such as some plenary talks and networking events. Besides, the workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet with the most important scientists and representants of latin america scientific associations. Effectively, presidents of several Physical Societies will attend the Ibero American Physical Societies Federation assembly (asamblea de la FEIASOFI, in spanish), which is also part of the program of the AFA annual meeting.

We hope the workshop enhances and enriches the scientific offer in this eventful week in San Luis!

Pre-registration form

Please fill the pre-registration form by May 31. More information about the activities (deadlines, program, etc.) will be sent to your email address after pre-registration.